• We work for best grooming. 

    We offer the top quality cosmetic which makes pet’s skin and coats feel healthy and beautiful.

Wampum cosmetics, made in South Africa.  The line has been developed incrementally over a period of 15 years.  Creators worked to make dogs look better  not just in the ring but also to minimize the grooming work needed daily. The products contain oil and conditioners which make coats silky longer than just straight after the bath, while  keeping skin and hair healthy and easily managed.  Shampoos do make the skin  flaky or itchy.  Wampum grooming products are especially formulated to be fragrance free and mild to the skin and coats. This cosmetic is safe for dogs and cats with allergies and recommended  not just on the show pets.

Special One cosmetics, made in Italy. Special One has developed a hydration program which restores the natural balance of the animal’s skin and acts against its main anomalies: dry or oily skin and dandruff.The products are developed in a trichological laboratory and tested by technicians, at the grooming center of Special One before being presented to customers.The synergy of seaweed extracts and plant extracts represents an important synthesis of years of study and tests used to check the efficiency of each substance contained in formulations.

  • We work for best look and for best rest.

Some of our bows, beds, top-knot pillows and wrapping robes  are hand made by European designers.  These goods are made of Eco-friendly materials and high quality fabric. Bows are decorated with Swarovski crystals.  Some of these products are individually made upon order and being delivered straight from Europe, therefore allow us up to 6 weeks to process your order.

  • We work for best convenience.

These goods will help your  pets to live in convenient environments.  Everything what would make their life easy and comfortable.