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WamPum Silk Spray Concentrate.

WamPum Silk Spray Concentrate is a revolutionary tool for detangling of pet coat of any breed. It restores damaged hair and elasticity of coat. This product will double reduce the time of combing. Specifically designed for conditioning and texturing pet’s hair, immediately removes the static, improves structure, protects hair from tangling and excision moisturizing coat […]

WamPum Products Live Review.

WAMPUM® grooming products are reviewed by Michelle Knowles – Master Groomer and a Certified Pet Medical Aesthetician, ISB certified in skin and coat care focused on managing allergic/dermatological disorders, author of publications in Groomer-To-Groomer magazine, nationally recognized speaker at Barkleigh Groom Expo. The products have been established as a competitive and top-quality pet care with […]

WamPum Self Rinse Shampoo.

WamPum Self Rinse is waterless, gentle washing shampoo without rinsing specifically designed for dry-cleaning of pet’s coat including damaged. Self Rinse does not irritate animal’s skin, well cleanses, nurtures and moisturizes skin and coat, ads shine. This product is ideal for cleaning of contaminated areas and for preparation coat for the exhibition, when there is […]

WamPum Limited Edition Conditioner.

Limited Edition Conditioner is a unique product for all types of pet’s coats, with a wide options to use. This product is an extremely nourishing, contains a high molar mass of protein to restructure the outer surface of the hair shaft. It is designed for the care of damaged, prone to the formation of tangles, […]

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