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New!!! Special One Tech-In-Color Coat Dye.

Tech In Color is line of natural dyes for pet’s coat. It is a specific professional product to give new vitality to pet’s coat. This product adds reflections of enchantment to the natural color and shine. The pigments and the light-reflecting substances which contained in the product improve natural color of hair through the formation […]

“Special One” has arrived.

New shipment of “Special One” has arrived to the USA for four-legged customers.  Some new “Special One” products to make coats of furry clients healthy, which means beautiful, are included in this delivery. Some favorite products such as “Mix Pink” conditioning spray and “Hydrating Cream 1000 ml.” have been back-ordered and sold out, already. However, […]

Innovative benefits of “Special One” products from Italy for healthy pet’s grooming.

“Special One” is advanced and top-quality cosmetics pets made in Italy. “Special One” products focuse on a hydration program which restores the natural balance of the animal’s skin and acts against its anomalies: dry or oily skin, dandruff, and dermatitis and skin allergies. Active ingredients are the seaweed extracts and plant extracts, full specter of […]

“Special One” program for Short Coated and Hairless Breeds.

Bio Energy Plus Pre-Wash Treatment. Bio Energy Plus is an innovative pre-bath mask, highly concentrated, particularly indicated to revitalize, nourish and soften any type of coat. Intense and instantaneous treatment can be used either as a beauty mask as that for sanitizing the skin. Its action brings the maximum hydration and restructuring the hair and […]

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