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“Special One” for Shedding, Short Coat Care.

Breeds:  Beagle, Boxer ,Great Dane, Italian Greyhound ,Pug, Bulldog, French Bulldog… etc Bio Energy 1,5 – 3,5 oz + 1 tbsp of Super Keeper  dilute in 0,25 – 0.5 of gal of warm water, apply over pet with sponge, DO NOT  rinse. Massage into skin and coat  for 5-7 min. at least. The first step […]

“Special One”. Questions & Answers.

Tell us about your team. We have created the unique project. Conglomerate of friends – professionals, who work in constant contact with each others and with client’s base. In the private dealership group, we share our experiences in working with cosmetics on different types of skins and coats. Some of us are professionals with long coated breeds, […]

SkinCare for Intensive Care. Special Price till 01/31/2019.

Skincare Pro is a treatment shampoo for delicate and sensitive skin based on oily composition, with surfactants of vegetable origin, the product carries out sanitizing against major abnormalities of the skin. Skincare Pro calms irritated and itching skin. It is recommended for very sensitive and allergic skin, which needs frequent baths, for older dogs or […]

How to…..

Long Coated Breeds dogs and cats require additional care of fully grown coats. Here are “Special One” products, specifically designed to make long coats maintenance easier with maximum benefits for pet’s hair and skin.  Proper dilution, mixing and usage will help to improve and rebuild damaged and severely ruined coats as well as recover and […]

Special One for Senior Pets with Special Care.

Green Clay Detox Pre-Wash. Green Clay Detox Therapy is a pre-bath professional cleansing mask, active against main anomalies of pet’s skin. Green Clay is natural “healing from the earth”, it is a real organic and efficient remedy in order to detox, hygenize and regenerate cells of coat and skin starting from the first treatment.  Particularly, […]

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