4 Element Oil Unique Formula for Healthy Skin and Coat.

4 Elements Oil is a unique mixture of oils, specifically designed for reinforcing and rebuilding the mantle.  This product is highly effective for hair which is damaged and stressed out, its restructuring and revitalizing actions are immediate.  The oil gives the coat an extraordinary brightness and a velvety touch.  It also acts as a powerful […]

Product of the Month from “Special One”. 20 % off Keratin Pro Shampoo.

Keratine Pro is a professional shampoo for dogs and cats, properly created to increase, reinforce and enhance structure and texture of pet’s coat. The shampoo cleans due to soft and natural cream, it gives support and revives a coat and makes hair stronger and richer with its own natural oils. It acts to give a […]

Cuddly, frizzy, fluffy….uncontrolled?- Aqua Dolce.

Cuddly, frizzy, fluffy….uncontrolled? In order to be smooth, silky and always shiny , our pet’s coat needs attention and specific products.To recover pet’s coat, we need a beauty ritual, which would be an ideal for the most damaged and ruined coats .Therefore, theAQUA DOLCE was born, a cosmetic conditioner created specifically to care of frizzy […]

Platinum Pro; February Special Price 20% off to Pump It Up.

Platinum Pro is a professional and innovative shampoo with a powerful restructuring and moisturizing effect.  This shampoo gently and deep cleanses and due to a softening and structuring cream / balm protects pet’s skin, soothes any irritation and recovers anomalies of the dermis.  Platinum Pro is enriched with selection of active ingredients which work to […]

SkinCare for Intensive Care. Special Price till 01/31/2019.

Skincare Pro is a treatment shampoo for delicate and sensitive skin based on oily composition, with surfactants of vegetable origin, the product carries out sanitizing against major abnormalities of the skin. Skincare Pro calms irritated and itching skin. It is recommended for very sensitive and allergic skin, which needs frequent baths, for older dogs or […]

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