Essential “Special One” Pet’s Ears Care Kit.

“Special One” Aqua Oto Ear Cleaning Lotion. The pet’s ears are very delicate and powerful structure, that precisely because of its exceptional ability, must be protected.  Excessive production of earwax and poor ventilation are typical ear problems for certain breeds of dogs and cats. These issues can cause obstructions and become to be the ideal […]

“Special One” for Long – Coated Breeds.

Bio Energy (pre-wash-treatment). Bio Energy is an innovative pre-bath mask, highly concentrated, particularly indicated to revitalize, nourish and soften any type of coat. Intense and instantaneous treatment can be used either as a beauty mask as that for sanitizing the skin. Its action brings the maximum hydration and restructuring the hair and skin, improves textures […]

Essential “Special One” kit to treat pet’s skin abnormalities.

Bio Energy Plus is an innovative and highly concentrated mask to be used before wash. Particularly, Bio Energy Plus is recommended for restoration, recovery and regeneration of any type of skin and coat. This product contains the intense and immediate effect of a beauty and healthy mask. Also it is recommended for hygienic treatment of […]

“WamPum” Leave-In Protein Treatment. Introduction.

Leave-In Protein Treatment. The Protein Treatment for dogs and cats is a concentrated leave-in treatment, instantly restores softness and shine to all types of coats. Action of silk proteins restores the hair structure. Pro-vitamin B5 gives the coat a healthy radiant appearance. Leave-in Protein Treatment protects any type of coats and keeps strong much longer […]

“WamPum” Conditioners. Introduction.

Limited Edition Conditioner. Limited Edition Conditioner is an extremely nourishing, contains a high molar mass of protein to restructure the outer surface of the hair shaft. It is designed for the care of damaged, prone to the formation of tangles, fur of dogs and cats. Provides optimal untangling mats, facilitates combing hair, and imparts a […]

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