“WamPum” Coat Oils.

Ultra Light Coat Oil Ultra Light Oil spray for long coated breeds. This product stimulates fast hair growth and keeps coat in healthy condition between shows. Improves skin and hair, ideal for wrapping! Through long-term hydration and nutrition enhances growth of new and healthy skin cells, prevents hair breakage. It does not alter the coat […]

“Special One” Program for Double Coated Breeds.

Bio Energy Plus. Bio Energy Plus is an innovative and highly concentrated mask to be used before wash. Particularly, Bio Energy Plus is recommended for restoration, recovery and regeneration of any type of skin and coat. This product contains the intense and immediate effect of a beauty mask. As well it is also for hygienic […]

For our “Special One” customers. Information.

To all our “Special One” customers and future customers. We have been receiving a significant amount of requests about “Special One” cosmetics.  Most of you would like to buy samples, it is understandable.  The manufacturer in the Italy does not produce samples; we have 1000 ml. of “Special One” products as of today. However, by […]

“WamPum” Whitening & Brightening Shampoo.

The first non-stripping Whitening & Brightening Shampoo for dogs and cats. This shampoo works equally well on all colors and specifically designed for white and black coats. The violet brightener counteracts yellow stains and areas on the white parts of pet’s coat and the optical brightener brightens all colors, enhances the contrast between different colors […]

“WamPum” Microfine Whitening Powder vs. Fine Boric Acid Powder.

Microfine whitening powder  Microfine Whitening Powder is multi-functioning, whitening and masking product. It is great to cover undisarable spots on pet’s coat including under eye are and tear stains. Microfine Whitening Powder gently envelops each hair, masks and whitens unwanted defects on coat. This product has an exceptional lightness because of very fine structure. The […]

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