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I do not have a PayPal account, how do I make a payment through credit card, I see the only PayPal option?
Click on PayPal payment option, next page will take you to PayPal page where you will be able to change payment option by clicking “Pay with Debit or Credit Card or PayPal Credit” on the bottom of right-hand side square section.
What payment methods are accepted?
We accept: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover Cards and PayPal.
I am buying the only bow, however you are charging me for shipping. You’ve insured, there is no shipping cost for the bows?

Unfortunately our system does not have an ability to identify what type of item in your cart and places flat fee of shipping for all orders (unless a coupon involved). Please proceed a check out with shipping cost we will issue the refund of $ 10.00  immediately after your purchase.  We do not charge delivery cost for all bows unless there is another product placed in the cart together with a bow.

Why all bows are marked “1 in stock”, I need two similar bows?

All custom handmade items are marked “1 in stock” because they are unique and the only creations of our designers. Additional copies can be made upon request.  Please contact us we will hold a bow you would like to buy and make another, the same bow for you within 4 weeks.  The payment can be made upon order is complete.  We are able to make an arrangement and make second bow ASAP upon request, there is no additional charges for speedy order.

How can I buy “out of stock” product?

It depends on an item. If a product is marked “out of stock” but still reflected on website there is option to buy it.

If you would like to buy a bow or handmade item, which has been marked “out of stock” you can contact us directly and we will make desirable item for you within 4 weeks. You can choose a color of your purchase as well and make a payment upon an item is made.

If you would like to buy a cosmetics, please contact us directly we will put you on waiting list for our suppliers. We usually, receive cosmetics every 8-10 weeks.  Please understand, it is original products and our suppliers are in the Italy and South Africa, it takes a time to deliver items to the USA.

I’ve begun to use a shampoo of “Special One” line, and diluted it according to directions; however that shampoo does not lather enough on dog’s coat, did I do something incorrect?

There are could be two reasons of not enough lathering of the “Special One” shampoos:

  1. It is normal, when you transmit a pet from one cosmetic to another. The “Special One” has been formulated to treat, hydrate and keep moisture in dry, damaged coats.  It means, the coat of your pet was very dry and porous, the “Special One” was absorbed immediately after application therefore you did not have enough foam.  Typically, it takes from three to five baths (depends on coat condition) with “Special One” to turn coats into normal and healthy condition.
  2. Some shampoos, such as “Skincare Pro” are formulated to not lather too much. “Skincare Pro” is created for animals with skin problems and for hairless breeds of dogs and cats, which usually, have very sensitive and vulnerable skin and we do not need to irritate skin with a lot of soap and foam.  These shampoos have to be diluted as directed in a bowl under running water, and applied with a sponge on pet’s coat. The mixture will not lather a lot; however it still, has all cleaning, treating and hydrating features.

Please remember, these products are very concentrated it is important to dilute them as directed (1 part of product to 20 parts of water).

I am interested in “Special One” products; however I would like to buy a small volume bottle to test these cosmetics first. Do you have a sample size bottles?

Unfortunately we do not have a sample or smaller size bottles. The manufacturer in the Italy does not produce samples. However they will begin to manufacture smaller size (250 ml) bottles and jars of all their products in September of this year.  The “Special One” in small size bottles will be available on the USA market by the end of October.

What is a difference between two ''WamPum'' products: Microfine Whitening Powder and Fine Boric Acid Powder?

Yes, there is a big difference.

Microfine Whitening Powder is being used to COVER undesirable marks and stains on entire coat, not just tear stains.  This product will NOT help to get rid of stains it will mask them.  Microfine Whitening Powder is used at the show days, usually, NOT on daily basis. In order to use this product a coat has to be dry, this powder, invisibly, will stick to hair and cover defects on a coat. It is extremely light, weightless and fine product perfectly lies down on coat without heaviness.

Fine Boric Acid Powder is being used on daily basis to GET RID of tear stain (NOT tearing). This product has three important features:

  1. It whites brown tear stains, makes them lighter and erases them eventually.
  2. Boric Acid kills bacteria which caused by constant wetness.
  3. Fine Boric Acid Powder absorbs under eyes moisture and keeps area dry.

This product is recommended to use every day, for severe tear stains twice a day (morning and evening).

Please refer to videos on our FB ”WamPum” page  for correct usage of Fine Boric Acid Powder.


8 thoughts on “FAQ

    • The Show Pet Corner. says:

      We have placed order with our WamPum partner in South Africa and expecting shipment within next 2-3 weeks.
      Thank you.

    • The Show Pet Corner. says:

      We would recommend Special One Oto Ear Lotion. However for severe infection you might need to address this problem with the vet. Cosmetic products are only for preventive care, usually.

  1. David. says:

    Would your products help to get rid of tear stains on cats (Persian cats specifically)? And what exactly do you recommend for cats under eyes area?
    Thank you,

    • The Show Pet Corner. says:

      Hello David,

      Yes, these products will help to remove tear stains on cats. We would recommend to use “WamPum” Self-Rinse Shampoo to remove stains and “Special One” Eye Lotion for preventative care on daily basis. If stains are severe “WamPum” Boric Acid Powder can be used in addition as directed.

    • The Show Pet Corner. says:

      Hello Amanda,

      Thank you for your question. We would recommend WamPum products to resolve this problem as followed:
      1. Wipe the fur under eyes with undiluted Self Rinse Shampoo on daily basis.
      2. Rub Boric Acid Powder under eye area till fur under eyes is dry. Comb through very well to get rid of excessive powder.
      3. For show days, it is recommended to use Microfine Whitening Powder to cover stains, if needed.

      For more information and detailed instructions, please refer to videos on our FB pages:
      1. https://www.facebook.com/WamPumUSA/

      And section “Recommended for your breed”.

      Thank you
      The Show Pet Corner.

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