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Professional Pet Cosmetics for Professional Care.

Cosmetic companies offer different ranges of shampoos and balms for dogs and cats, depending on the breed. However, those who are engaged in professional grooming, as well as breeders, perfectly understand, even within one breed each dog or cat is unique. Moreover, the same dog can have different coat, through each life stages. In addition […]

Correct Mixing and Dilution of Special One Products.

Formulations of Special One pet products have been created under guidance of the winner of multiple prestiges grooming competitions Julia Marenkova who clearly understands all characteristics of the ingredients which your pet will benefit from.  All formulas have been created under the condition of clear understanding of the positive effect of use. The main goal […]

“Special One” for Special Ones.

“Special One” is advanced and top-quality cosmetics for pets, made in Italy. “Special One” has been developed according to the hydration program and focused on skin and coat nourishing to bring pet’s surface back to healthy condition. These products restore the natural balance of pet’s skin and acts against its anomalies: dry or oily skin, […]

Healthy Bath for Healthy Puppy.

Everybody knows how important is the bath procedure for puppy to develop healthy skin and beautiful coat from the beginning. Breeders, experts, handlers and exhibitors begin bath procedure for puppies as a natural and regular process in the beginning of the life stage in order to have the coat in perfect condition and healthy skin. […]

Special One – General Usage Concept.

Does your pet use Special One cosmetics? If, yes….Here is the video guide “How to wash your pet with Special One”. Current video shows general concept of usage of Special One cosmetics.  Products will vary depends on type of breed, coat and skin condition as well as amount of product and dilution ratio. Any questions […]

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