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New!!! “Ambrosia” from Hlappiacani.

Ambrosia Shampoo Professional shampoo for dogs and cats with high cleansing power with a broad spectrum of action based on snail slime, suitable for all types of coat. It is an exceptional neutralizer of unpleasant odors and keratolytic, moisturizing pH regulator. Removes dirt without altering textures of any type of coats. This product ia indicated […]

HLAPPIACANI “H-Line”. Thermal Water.

HLAPPIACANI “H-Line” line has been developed using thermal water which ensures the production of truly effective coat care products. Cosmetics based on thermal water is the best you can imagine due to natural and organics components. Such an ingredients are very neatly and gently treat coat and skin. They do not cause irritation, allergic reactions […]

“Elixir” Snail Slime Enzymes. Unique, Revolutionary Formula in Pet Cosmetics Industry.

What are Elixir Snail Slime Shampoo and Elixir Snail Slime Conditioner? First of all, the snail slime, due to a lot of many unique characteristics, is one of the most used active ingredients in a cosmetics for humans. In grooming, it allows us to work with the most delicate types of coats and skins including […]

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