“Special One” for Shedding, Short Coat Care.

Breeds:  Beagle, Boxer ,Great Dane, Italian Greyhound ,Pug, Bulldog, French Bulldog… etc

  1. Bio Energy 1,5 – 3,5 oz + 1 tbsp of Super Keeper  dilute in 0,25 – 0.5 of gal of warm water, apply over pet with sponge, DO NOT  rinse. Massage into skin and coat  for 5-7 min. at least. The first step is important and has to be performed to help to penetrate skin and coat. Bio Energy is great exfoliating product, helps with pealing and clarifying process with dead skin cells and hair. Super Keeper is enriched with the omega oils,   nourishes skin by adding beneficial vitamins and minerals into skin cells and coat after exfoliation. 
  2. One part of Skincare Pro shampoo mix in 5 parts of water, apply with a sponge twice and rinse off.  Skincare Pro contains sea bio-derivatives and natural active ingredients (propolis, hydroxyl fruit and yeast extract). Its formula helps to restore the balance of the dermis and coat by restoring natural production of sebum by skin cells which guarantee of healthy skin.
  3. Mix 2 oz of Beauty Rinse conditioner in 0, 5 gal of warm water and use as leave in rinse. Beauty Rinse is a balancing lotion which promotes hydration products in skin and hair, protects surfaces during drying due to its acidifying effect.   Beauty Rinse contains water-soluble lanolin for detangling and softening actions. Distilled water, Helichrysum and Yarrow extracts to soothe and calm skin irritations. Apple extract for skin hydration and pH balance adjustment of the epidermis. 


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