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Ambrosia Shampoo

Professional shampoo for dogs and cats with high cleansing power with a broad spectrum of action based on snail slime, suitable for all types of coat. It is an exceptional neutralizer of unpleasant odors and keratolytic, moisturizing pH regulator. Removes dirt without altering textures of any type of coats. This product ia indicated for the preparation dogs and cats for the shows, it can be used on both long and short coats. Ambrosia Shampoo reinforces keratin structure of the coat and the skin. It protects the coat from all aggressions of external environmental and chemical agents.Ambrosia Shampoo has a very high cleansing power, it performs two important functions:

Purifying action due to peptides and glycolic acid which are contained in the snail slime, prevents the accumulation of impurities or, if present, manage to remove them.

Moisturizing action due to natural origin proteins of snail slime, helps to oxygenate and hydrate coat’s and skin’s surfaces, thereby enhancing their condition.

High moisturizing and healing power due to the combined effects of  collagen, allantoin and vitamins. Regenerating and nourishing due to strong presence of vitamins and proteins, exfoliating and cleansing thanks to smoothing and purifying abilities of glycolic acid which is useful for restoring health and shine of lifeless hair. Vitamins C and F allow to reduce inflammation, and presence of free radicals, gives powerful antioxidant action. Furthermore, it’s sebum-regulating feature helps to normalize the production of sebum which is responsible for skin and hair imperfections. An existence of natural Glycerol allows to oppose of water evaporation.  It carries out a moisturizing activity that can also improve the appearance of dry and dehydrated skins and coats, due to the hydrating power and the film-forming substances contained in it, this product limits the evaporation of water. The glycolic acid is known as powerful purifier, being able to positively assist the regeneration of exfoliating treatments. This specific product is dedicated to improve the elasticity, hydration and cleansing of any type of skins and coats. The high percentage of Keratin provides volume and helps to repair damaged coat.

Active Ingredients 

Enzymatic Snail Slim


Glycolic Acid

Vegetable Glycerol

Ambrosia Conditioner

Fortifying and restructuring conditioner for dogs and cats which is based on Enzymatic Snail Slime, Hyaluronic Acid and Stem cells with a very high moisturizing action. It gives natural shine and vitality to the coat. Ideal for restructuring, nourishing and giving volume to support coat. Ambrosia Conditioner is used after shampooing on wet hair, this product helps to neutralize bad smells, it is essential to decongest inflamed skin both and  presence of various skin problems.

Ambrosia Conditioner for dogs and cats quickly restructures the coats of all breeds. It guarantees positive result on the most fragile, weakened and poor coats. It has sebum-regulating characteristic, repairs damages caused by chemical and environmental agents as well as regulates an excess of sebum. 

One of the most important aspects of Ambrosia Conditioner is ability of an anti-aging function of hair cells, it increases the percentage of substances EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) which accelerates growth factors of coat. Pet’s coat is bright and easy to comb after each use. 

– Hyaluronic acid – provides high moisturizing and lubricating properties, it brings a perceptible and visible improvement of the skin surface.

– Sericin has the ability to keep the keratin in the coat and skin, and selectively repairs damaged areas, prevents irritation.

– Stem cells are represented as high antioxidant, photo-protective, decongestant and anti-inflammatory features.

Active Ingredients:

Enzymatic Snail Slime

Hyaluronic Acid

Stamina Cells


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