HLAPPIACANI “H-Line”. Thermal Water.

HLAPPIACANI “H-Line” line has been developed using thermal water which ensures the production of truly effective coat care products. Cosmetics based on thermal water is the best you can imagine due to natural and organics components. Such an ingredients are very neatly and gently treat coat and skin. They do not cause irritation, allergic reactions and other negative consequences.

Products which are based on thermal water are rich in minerals and trace elements, moreover, they contain a full spectrum of the most important natural elements to restore the skin’s hydrobalance and nourish it from the inside. Calcium ions are capable of exerting a powerful effect aimed at health of epidermal cells. They perfectly restore and maintain optimal hydration, improve skin respiration, and strengthen its protective functions which guarantees health of coat.  The thermal water also contains other elements, such as an iron, fluorine, magnesium, sodium.

HLAPPIACANI “H-Line” Shampoos.

The full spectrum of HLAPPIACANI  shampoos is the first-class invention. “H-Line” shampoos are based on the thermal water have a number of positive properties. The most importantly, they do have a beneficial effect on skin. These shampoos strengthen the structure of hair and roots. At the same time, they give an intense shine and volume, as well as nourish and strengthen hair follicles. 

HLAPPIACANI “H-Line” Conditioners.

The full spectrum of HLAPPIACANI conditioners are focused on strengthening a roots and structure of hair as well as on improving hair follicles. It is recommended to use it with shampoos which are based on thermal water also. Active ingredient – thermal water saturates the hair and scalp with minerals, strengthens the roots and structure of the hair from inside out. A multi-vector conditioning system provides an extra volume and shine, making hair healthy and obedient. 

All products of “H-Line” are great for daily use if needed. As a result, hair becomes healthy, shiny and strong. 

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