“IcePet” Multi-Functioning Refreshing/Cooling Pet Towel.

Measure: 26 in x 17 in

Made with high absorbency PVA material. The simple design guarantees a better cooling performance pursuant to correct pet’s body temperature. Ensures protection from heat in the very hot weather. 

The patented solution of cooling effect, according to normal pet’s body temperature, is created for pleasant condition of body as well as it fights with the summer heat. 

This towel is created to keep correct and refreshing body temperature of the pet during hot time of the weather season.

Can be used both outdoors and indoors. Excellent to cool dogs after/before the show ring. It will not make coat wet/damp.

Antibacterial and machine washable.


FIRST USE:  Dip it in water for one minute. Gently squeeze it to remove excess water. When the cloth begins to dry, dip it again in the water for reactivation.

HOW TO USE:  Wrap the dog or place the refreshing towel on its body. Alternatively, can be also placed under his legs/stomach, so that the feeling of freshness comes from below and wraps it completely.

ALTERNATIVE USE:  It can also be used as a towel to dry pet after bath, it will significantly reduce drying time, due to hight absorbency features.

STORAGE:  Keep the refreshing dog towel in the tube provided. It can be rolled and kept moist.

CLEANING:  Machine or hand washable with mild detergent on gentle cycle. DO NOT dry in the dryer.

NOTE: The refreshing towel for dogs will stiffen during the drying phase, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to avoid to bend and unbend it when it is dry. Simply follow the reactivation instructions to soften the fabric.


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