“Special One”. Questions & Answers.

Tell us about your team.

We have created the unique project. Conglomerate of friends – professionals, who work in constant contact with each others and with client’s base. In the private dealership group, we share our experiences in working with cosmetics on different types of skins and coats. Some of us are professionals with long coated breeds, some with curly and double coated breeds as well as some with harsh and short coated breeds, therefore if some of us has a question about specific type of coat they are not familiar with, others are, always, ready to help.  Sometimes we discover very interesting things from each other! In the result of, it turns out that each of “Special One” team around the world is able easily consult and help to ANY, even the most difficult client to find optimal and productive way for their pets.

Yes, of corse, “Special One” is very good and quality products, however, our concern is,  it is difficult to use. Correct?

This is a favorite question!

Now, there will be a fall of stereotypes…….,  and the reality is – this is the MOST simple and absolutely ingeniously EASE to use of professional cosmetics “Special One”. There are three basic shampoos and two conditioners, for three types of pet’s coats, which are the basis of grooming for regular maintenance. Rest of products are supplements and additions for this or that problems of skin /coats. 

What makes “Special One” different and special from other brands?

It is unique and patented formulations of coat and skin supplements and additives and yes, they are all topical.  In order to achieve an excellent result IN THE SPECIFIC MOMENT OF TIME on the specific type of coat  – use additives. What and how much? Your personal consultant will prompt at the first time. You came back from the dog show, and before that you used flat irons, blow dryers and styling products? Coat looks tired – treat it with the vitamin cocktail!  Regular maintenance  for healthy skin and coat, then your option is basic shampoo and conditioner. Need specific coat design, that dog legs were columns, and the head round? Great! A drop of keratin will fix it. Bitch shedded after pregnancy and you need to recover her coat quickly? Arrange SPA for your dog – with weekly use of the masque!  

Every hopeless situation has productive resolution. 

First time wash and I got an effect of weightless coat (as if it were a static effect). What to do?

The answer is simple – wash on! Whatever amazing products you have not used before, the effect is usually achieved by “lamination” of coat. Hair is empty and hungry from inside out, covered with a film, therefore an external positive impression is created quite prosperous. The sad consequences of such a putty will be noticeable when dog is a year and half at least. The period of active hair growth will end, and you will need to work hard to keep acquired result. It is a time, when hungry and weak hair from inside out will begin to alarm even through that “plastic bag” with which it was covered as the result of previous products. Coat is falling out and growing poorly,  and here you are…., decide to try something new and come to us. Washed off the top film? Freed hair? Hooray! However, inside it was empty and lifeless, and has remained so.  Give your hair time to gain strength and nutrition, and see what happens. Positive effect depends on the degree of depletion of coat and pet’s skin, coat characteristics of the breed….., and so on. There is the only guarantee is three – four bathes with “Special One” will correct the situation, and the hair will be truly healthy both outside and inside. 

There is NO such a magic products which would make a miracle after first bath, do not lie to yourselves. If manufacturer promise immediate, over night result,  their products are full of chemicals after which you will have to spend the massive amount of time to recover coat and skin of your pet. 

How to easy transmit to “Special One” after different cosmetics? I’ve bought six products, mixed everything at once, the effect did not meet my expectations (or got a greasy dog).

There is no needs to be creative. It is very simple schemes – shampoo and conditioner! The first three – four bathes should WASH OFF all the dirt and debris after your previous experiments with another brand, then coat and skin are ready to absorb the necessary nutritions, minerals and vitamins from “Special One”. 

When can I start using additives? 

As soon as you feel clean and strong coat under your hands, its the time! It is the most important – to understand the essence, gradually moving towards a perfect result, mastered shampoos and balms, then welcome to the advanced level – to work with additives. We are for ease of usage, competent advice and the order in your heads.

Coat was growing like crazy, we used a lot of different products, and everything was fine, then it has began to dry and fall out. We bought a good shampoo, but it doesn’t help, what to do!”

 When puppy is maturing, coat grows like crazy, this period continues up to one year – one and a half in average. The real work will start when coat is fully changed. It is a  time to keep, what has been acquired by hard work and ideally – to multiply, it is the main goal. The coat becomes drier, brittle, dull, here is when coat and skin need special care with  high-quality cosmetics than proper care has began. You need enhanced nutrition from inside of hair out, and high-quality hydration outside. You will need the most delicate combs and high-tech products in order to get rid of tangles. 

Please give us recommendations for “ONLY FOR THE SHOW”.

We will not give such a recommendations, and now I will tell why. “Special One” is unique cosmetics, you would not believe, but all customers wash both, at home and for the shows absolutely the same way. If your dog has a healthy, bright, strong coat, then there is not need to increase coat volume, depletion and dull coat are caused by dehydration. Healthy coat does not need to be tinted, laminated, and so on. We are generally against “speedy” products which are giving the result immediately. To make out of the lethal lifeless coat show for just an hour? This is not for us! You sign the contract with you dog if you are transmitting to “Special One” which states: “your dog will be in a good and healthy shape 24/7”, and yesterday, and at the show, and a day after. Initial goal is to cure, strengthen and grow, and then – go to the show to demonstrate a stable result. “Special One” has a cumulative effect, which means the longer you use, the better result. Other words are: Cleansing hair from previous products – Power and reconstruction of coat and skin – Preservation of the result. Yes, we use for the shows a lot of styling products, however all of those simply adds a gloss to dog’s healthy and beautiful coat.

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