4 Element Oil Unique Formula for Healthy Skin and Coat.

4 Elements Oil is a unique mixture of oils, specifically designed for reinforcing and rebuilding the mantle.  This product is highly effective for hair which is damaged and stressed out, its restructuring and revitalizing actions are immediate.  The oil gives the coat an extraordinary brightness and a velvety touch.  It also acts as a powerful detangler for all types of coats,  facilitating of felts opening before cleansing treatment and guarantees a result of brilliance, strength and elasticity to damaged parts of the hair.  It also protects from heat. 

4 Elements oil is a firming, regenerating agent of instant action, for the treatment of severely dry, stress-prone coat. It gives a natural shine and silkiness after the first application. It is ideal for wrapping of show coats of long haired dogs.  

   4 Elements Oil can be used in different situations of grooming.  Perfect before the bath as it is, on severe knots for easier their opening.  Usable after the bath, small amount of the oil massage into the wet hair and dry without rinsing.  To get an excellent reconstructive effect of the hair, there is recommended procedure.  Mix 10 drops of product with a teaspoon of Hydrating Cream dilute the solution with 2 liters of hot water and apply over the entire length of the hair.  In case of severe damaged hair, wra pet in the towel for 10-15 min under a heat source, then rinse thoroughly and dry as usual. 

The composition of 4 Elements Oil is enriched with argon oil and a cocktail of plant oils such as  a flaxseed oil, walnut oil, wild soybean oil. The combination of all these oils is specifically combined to nourish, revitalize and moisturize the hair. 


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