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Keratine Pro is a professional shampoo for dogs and cats, properly created to increase, reinforce and enhance structure and texture of pet’s coat. The shampoo cleans due to soft and natural cream, it gives support and revives a coat and makes hair stronger and richer with its own natural oils. It acts to give a volume of coat where it needs, as well as, provides hair shape and  heaviness if it is necessary. Keratin Pro is perfect for an arrangement of rough coats and to prepare hair for stripping and rimming. Keratine Pro is an innovative, patented shampoo. It works perfectly on short coats and long coated breeds. Keratin Pro has a modeling effect therefore it is indispensable before the show ring. This product is highly recommended for the preparation of coat for exhibitions, and for trimming.


Keratine Pro contains bioactive sea substances and hydrolyzed keratin to help nourish and saturate coat texture due to whey proteins, the chitosan is used to add shine and regeneration to coatl and deeply hygenize, as well as saccharin sodium is for quick recovery of hair from an excessive usage of styling products and from surrounding environments, which ultimately updates natural color of coat texture. Keratin Pro is enriched by active substances like an anionic surfactants; amphoteric surfactants; cane sugar extract is to exfoliate, which acts against impurities (blackheads) favoring skin cell turnover. Keratine Pro does not contain dyes or harsh chemicals and so it avoids softener effect.


Keratine Pro is a high concentrated shampoo and very economical which can be used as it is or diluted with water. Delicate cleaning requires one part of the product with 20 parts of water. In order to obtain a better result it can be integrated with Hygro Fluid and Super Keeper.


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