Cuddly, frizzy, fluffy….uncontrolled?- Aqua Dolce.

Cuddly, frizzy, fluffy….uncontrolled?

In order to be smooth, silky and always shiny , our pet’s coat needs attention and specific products.
To recover pet’s coat, we need a beauty ritual, which would be an ideal for the most damaged and ruined coats .
Therefore, theAQUA DOLCE was born, a cosmetic conditioner created specifically to care of frizzy and stressed coats.
The summer heat, usage of aggressive products for styling or intense brushing will damage hair of dogs and cats and make it brittle and full of knots. The AQUA DOLCE is a professional masque with smoothing and reconstructive action, designed to untangle and polish the deepest layers of hair.
Its formulation is the natural extracts of plants, flowers and fruit, this signature and patented mask of “Special One” lab, is the product in line of latest trends in natural cosmetics. The active ingredients are contained in AQUA DOLCE quickly unravel matted and frizzy effect of hair for a long period of time as well as repair it and protect from aggressive external agents.
A beauty coating is able to provide an immediate sensation of silkiness of coat without heaviness. The first treatment will give positive results and hair will be smooth and shiny.

A mix of wellness.

AQUA DOLCE is enrich of natural , delicate and effective ingredients whichperform fast, multi-purpose, detangling and restructuring action.
The natural extract of the cranberry is rich of vitamin C which revitalizes and moisturizes pet’s coat, while aloe prevents skin irritations, nourishes it makes coat bright and strong.
The AQUA DOLCE contains silk and milk proteins that give softness to touch and eliminating knots and frizz at the same time.
In addition, the extracts of birch, ginseng and juniper stimulate re-growth, reduce the fall of hair and give it a healthiness and thickness for a long time.

Beauty and health in just a few steps.

Usage of AQUA DOLCE is very simple and fast : it takes just a few minutes to untangle and restructure the coat of dogs or cats.
After shampoo, apply the AQUA DOLCE masque over the entire length of the clean and damp coat.
Massage and comb gently.
Leave AQUA DOLCE to act for a few minutes and rinse carefully.
Blot off excess water and apply a small amount of product, only, to the most damaged parts.
Comb with a pin brushfor long coated breeds/with a long-toothed brush for smooth coated breeds then dry hair with warm air with gentle jet.
The result is guaranteed: coat is smooth, shiny, visibly healthy and free of knots and frizz free.

Aqua Dolce. Buy Now.

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