Platinum Pro; February Special Price 20% off to Pump It Up.

Platinum Pro is a professional and innovative shampoo with a powerful restructuring and moisturizing effect.  This shampoo gently and deep cleanses and due to a softening and structuring cream / balm protects pet’s skin, soothes any irritation and recovers anomalies of the dermis.  Platinum Pro is enriched with selection of active ingredients which work to integrate all vital elements of skin and coat.  The ingredients of Plutinum Pro composition are of natural origin and have very well compatibility with each other very. They are professionally combined to improve aesthetic appearance of pet’s coat with every use.  Composition of Platinum Pro Shampoo guarantees of conferring gloss, elasticity and coat volume for extended period of time.  Recommended for all coat textures, especially those, who are subjects for frequent bath. This product is excellent match for double and curly coated breeds as well as for show dogs. 


Platinum Pro contains bio sea active ingredients and their derivatives such as allantoin as a soothing and anti-irritating component for skin, Chitosan for polishing and hair restructuring, the cocoa butter for hair buffing as well as to intensify the natural colors and textures. 


Platinum Pro is a very concentrated product, diluted with 15- 20 parts water.  Apply the solution on hair, massaging gently until it forms a soft and soothing cream.  Rinse and repeat twice.  Leave on for several minutes.  Rinse thoroughly.

Platinum Pro Shampoo. Pump It Up. Buy Now.

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