How to…..

Long Coated Breeds dogs and cats require additional care of fully grown coats. Here are “Special One” products, specifically designed to make long coats maintenance easier with maximum benefits for pet’s hair and skin. 

Proper dilution, mixing and usage will help to improve and rebuild damaged and severely ruined coats as well as recover and restore appropriated balance of the skin. 

Here are, tips and tricks, advises and recommendations “How to…..” of well known groomer, awardee of many prestige European and World championships competitions and founder of “Special One” Yuliya Marenkova.  All recommendations are straight from inside of “Special One” laboratory. 

Products used:

Bio Energy Pre-Wash (optional).

Bain Pro Shampoo.

4 Elements Oil (optional).

Hydrating Cream – Conditioner.

Hygro Fluid (optional).

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