Special One for Senior Pets with Special Care.

Green Clay Detox Pre-Wash.

Green Clay Detox Therapy is a pre-bath professional cleansing mask, active against main anomalies of pet’s skin. Green Clay is natural “healing from the earth”, it is a real organic and efficient remedy in order to detox, hygenize and regenerate cells of coat and skin starting from the first treatment.  Particularly, Green Clay Detox Therapy pre-wash is a mineral of an extraordinary natural detoxing features, to be able to fight against dandruff and bad smell coming from skin as well as to treat the reason which causes these anomalies. Green Clay Detox Therapy contained of extraordinary purifying, tonic and anti-ageing features. 


Active ingredient is the green clay  with an abilities to control bacterial balance of skin. Green Clay Detox Therapy is rich of oligoelements and mineral salts. 


Green Clay Detox Therapy is used undiluted or slightly diluted with water, to be applied on wet, dirty skin and coat, massage throughout and leave for 5-10 minutes, followed by Aqua Terme Pro shampoo for best results.

Aqua Terme Pro Shampoo.

Aqua Terme Pro is a professional shampoo, particularly created for aged pets with delicate and sensitive skin which is inclined to anomalies such as dandruff, bad smell, oily or dehydrated skin, dermatitis. Due to its green clay contents with a famous detoxing features, Aqua Terme Pro purifies and deeply cleans  skin. The mint extract provides a true relief to dry and dehydrated skin, adds softness, freshness and good scent to an opaque and lifeless skin and coat of aged pets.


Aqua Terme Pro is very rich of green clay, with works perfect for delicate and sensitive skin. Oligomineral elements( such as silica, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium) are strongly recommended for remineralizing and hygenizing, absorbing and detoxing skins. Aqua Terem Pro contains the refreshing and balsamic mint extract.


The best results, use Aqua Terms Pro Shampoo after pre-wash treatment,  Green Clay Detox Therapy in order to purify and detox skin and coat, open coat and skin cells.  Massage with delicacy. Repeat twice, if necessary. Dilution required as 1:10.

Two the newest developments of Special One laboratory are focused on professional care of senior pets.

Green Clay Detox Therapy Pre-Wash.

Aqua Terme Pro Professional Shampoo.


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