Recipe of Masque for Intensive Coat Nourishing or Hydrating.

Recipe of unique and universal coat mask for intensive hydrating (with Super Keeper) or nourishing (with Hygro Fluid) from founder of Special One. This mask will help to recover severely damaged coat and promote its fast growth as well as will make coat healthy and shiny. Depends on coat condition, it is recommended to use Super Keeper for intensive hydrating on dry and breakable coats with split ends. Hygro Fluid is recommended for usage on lackluster and slow growing coats. 


 Hydrating Cream

   Hydrating Cream is an instant cosmetic treatment.  Its action stands out considerably the aesthetic beauty of textures and is ideal to nourish, restructure and give support to the mantle.  Guarantee positive result on brittle and stressed hair, also gives a natural shine to color and vitality to the hair.  Regular usage prevents formation of knots and recovers damages caused by chemical and environmental agents. Hydrating Cream facilitates coat drying and decrease its time.

4 Element Oil.

4 Elements Oil is a mixture of oils, specifically designed for reinforcing and rebuilding the mantle.  Effective for enervated, damaged and stressed hair, its restructuring and revitalizing action is immediate.  It gives the coat an extraordinary brightness and a velvety touch.  The oil acts as detangler on stubborn knots, guarantees the result of brilliance, strength and elasticity to damaged parts of the hair. It also protects from heat. 

Super Keeper

   Super Keeper is a mix of oils and substances, specifically selected for the perfect maintenance of the dog’s coat.  Its peculiar structure gently envelops hair, hydrates and protects from atmospheric agents and any breakages.  Super Keeper is recommended for all textures; its formulation allows easy comb and prevent formation of knots.  The oily composition of the product regenerates hair, makes coat shiny and elastic after the first treatment. Super Keeper is enhanced with fructose and lactose; these substances are strongly humectants and due to very slow evaporation moisturize and protect hair between bathes.  Super Keeper also contains Hydrolyzed Collagen, honey and hyaluronic acid to refurbish and donate the perfect aesthetic beauty to hair. 

Hygro Fluid

Hygro fluid is a professional treatment with high moisturizing and conditioning effect.  Designed to nourish and supplement hair of all dog breeds, it protects skin and coat from environmental aggression and dirt.  It increases the structure of hair, shine and vigor in growth.  It gives balance to all coat surfaces which require protection casing. Hygro Fluid is enriched of conditioning oils and bio sea derivatives. It’s active ingredients are rice bran oil (a powerful emollient, antioxidant and absorbing UV rays), rosehip seed oil (revitalizes and protects the skin of the animal) and polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 (vitamins and anti-aging for the hair). 


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