Professional Pet Cosmetics for Professional Care.

Cosmetic companies offer different ranges of shampoos and balms for dogs and cats, depending on the breed. However, those who are engaged in professional grooming, as well as breeders, perfectly understand, even within one breed each dog or cat is unique. Moreover, the same dog can have different coat, through each life stages. In addition to the genetics, it depends on the age (puppy, coat change, mature hair…), hormonal background (estrus, pregnancy and nursing…), the season and living conditions (summer – coat burning in the sun, winter – heating, increased dryness and brittleness of hair….) and additional aggressive factors (outdoor sports, etc.).

Therefore, to use only shampoo and balm is not relevant, if we are talking about the professional level of grooming. 

In order to get an amazing result, you need to use several different products which are required for a specific dog at the particular time according to type of coat, skin and issues, if exist.

Said above is the approach to use is  the philosophy of Special One. This brand offers a unique products and the combination of which gives exactly the result of healthiness and beauty of pets coat and skin.


“Special One” Professional Pet Cosmetics.


2 thoughts on “Professional Pet Cosmetics for Professional Care.

  1. Lawrence says:

    This brand is wonderful. My Corgi’s coat and skin got improved within a couple of month. Her coat appeared to be more shiny and healthier as well as we got rid of dryness. Thanks 🙂

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