“Special One” for Special Ones.

“Special One” is advanced and top-quality cosmetics for pets, made in Italy.

“Special One” has been developed according to the hydration program and focused on skin and coat nourishing to bring pet’s surface back to healthy condition. These products restore the natural balance of pet’s skin and acts against its anomalies: dry or oily skin, dandruff, dermatitis, irritation, allergies….. The integration of seaweed extracts and organic plant extracts represents an important synthesis which has been researched within years. Scientific tests have been performed to check the efficiency of each substance contained in formulations.
“Special One” has been developed in the trichological laboratory and tested by technicians, in “Special One” grooming center in the Italy before being presented to customers.

“Special One” is exclusivly available for American customers at: The Show Pet Corner.

“Special One” Hydration Program operating protocol:


Prewash treatment, helps to open hair scales and hydrates the hair. ? Mask should be applied to dirty hair. Depending on the condition of the coat, time varies from 5/10 minutes for damaged coat and skin abnormalities up to 30 minutes.


There is no need to rinse coat after phase # . Apply the cleanser (shampoo) treatment for the first time, rinse and repeat. Rinse thoroughly.


The final treatment is to close hair scales and prepare skin and coat for finishing for a healthy maintenance.

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