Healthy Bath for Healthy Puppy.

Everybody knows how important is the bath procedure for puppy to develop healthy skin and beautiful coat from the beginning. Breeders, experts, handlers and exhibitors begin bath procedure for puppies as a natural and regular process in the beginning of the life stage in order to have the coat in perfect condition and healthy skin. Poor preparation of cosmetics can damage puppy, who is the only one will pay for the consequences in the best case with not quality coat and with major skin disorder in the worse case. In some cases, veterinarians recommend therapy with medicated shampoo as an addition to traditional treatments for skin diseases. Therefore, it is important to care about pet’s epidermis health since puppyhood in order to avoid health problems, vet visits and money wasting.
“Special One” has developed specific program for quality care of puppy’s sensitive skin and baby hair. The program will keep natural health of skin epidermis and will improve quality and fast coat growth. As any “Special One” program, puppy program consists of three stages.
“Pre-wash” stage successfully opens skin and hair scales and prepares puppy for main wash. “Shampoo” phase cleans skin and coat from environmental dirt and adds beneficial components into epidermis to improve condition of skin and coat. Both stages work on restoring natural Ph-balance and Acid-balance of skin. These phases do not wash out natural skin components as most of pet products. The first and the second stages restore and implant missing and destroyed skin and coat elements. Last stage is “Conditioning” will close hair and skin cells to protect them from surrounding distractions, moisturize and complete the bathing process.
Healthy bath to all pups is easy!


Special One for Special Pups.



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