Thinning Line Knot-Knot for Perfect Top-Knot. Same Product, New Design.

“Thinning Line Knot Knot” is unique and patented grooming tool exclusively made by “Special One” (Italy) to create perfect and smooth top-knot of long haired breeds for the shows.  This tool gives an opportunity to make the top-knot on Maltese, Yolkie or Shi-Tzu less than for 10 min. This tool is easy operable even for the beginner.  “Thinning Line Knot Knot” designed to create a smooth puff at the base of top-knot, the only to roots of hair will be given a volume.  The tool does not cause hair breakage, damage or split ends, it makes very soft and strong hair thinning at the same time.  The top-knot made with “Thinning Line Knot Knot” does to require hair spray therefore it helps to comb the top-knot through, easily without breakage after the show.

“Thinning Line Knot Knot” is made of eco friendly, medical grade, stainless steel covered with thin ceramic film.

This revolutionary grooming tool is designed to contribute simplicity, quality and mobility for handlers, breeders and dogs before the ring and after.

Thinning Line Knot-Knot.


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