Dog Perfume? Yes, Thanks!

Even if we do not have the 200 million olfactory receptors which dog is equipped with and even if the number of our olfactory nerve cells is 40 times lower than our four-legged friends have, still the Nature has given us just enough to experience a thorny problem which is typical for the winter season; it is the bad smell of dog. Even the most sophisticated dog will not survive in front of puddle, the attraction of which is understood by only dogs. As soon as you lower your guarding, next you see, your friend will be rolling around in the mud.

What need to be done, to prevent our home, clothes and environments from being affected? The best solution is to have a nice, professional bath and to use a dog perfume, without altering the habits of our four-legged friend, specifically designed for pet’s coat and for mood of owners. “Special One” has created the perfume line nuances of which are ideal for enhancing of understanding between human and dog so, all moments of being together are not ruined by unpleasant smells. The Special One perfumes are sprinkled on the tail (never on the skin!) of dog and four-legged friend will express its love with wagging tail and luxury aroma.

The first fragrance of the Perfume line is “Spring Water”, it is sweet scent, with a flowery fragrance. This aroma is ideal for feminine girls. However, even ladies need a little of liberating moment sometimes and so … do not be fooled by the elegance of behavior of your female fur buddy! They will not hesitate to roll in the wet, muddy grass! “Spring Water” will wipe out the bad smells and wrap your little friend in a coconut, ylang-ylang of the Comorian islands, Turkish rose, Tiara flower, Indian hyacinth, Madagascar vanilla and Indian sandal.

“Energy Water” is a fresh fragrance which recalls Sicilian lemons, French lavender and violet, Indian sandalwood, Texas cedar, amber, leather and musk. This perfume is for dogs which have rolled over of all neighbor’s gardens, large spaces, and sidewalks seeking for an adventure, before you realize it. Their enthusiasm is stronger than any rule, but unique formula of “Energy Water”, unifying the delicacy of citrus fruits and the pride of moss, will be able to eliminate bad smell and enhance the power of free dog’s spirit at the same time.

“Brave Water”: let’s talk about a charismatic and attractive perfume which will make your dog’s personality look attractive as it is. “Brave Water” is the typical male scent with spicy and amber fragrance: Oriental nuances (India’s black pepper, China’s Eucalypto, Indonesia’s nutmeg) meet with the Iris, Texas cedar and walk into Woody and Amber woods. This aroma is ideal for semi-rough coated breeds, dedicated to the most proud and strong dogs which love to stick their noses into dirt with the elegance.

“Rock Water” is a floral flowered, casual fragrance; ideal for hyperactive dogs who love to “Rock & Roll”, multitaskers and morning racers, “Rock Water” is the perfume is right for you. Sweet and easy to carry fragrance of “Rock Water” will delight you with jasmine-based shades of orange blossoms, combination of the tuberous controversy with the energetic sun accord and conclude with the combo Amber and Eastern woods. This is a daily perfume which comes along with mood of owner and dog.

“Moon Water” is for celebrity dogs, perfect for the red carpet parade or for the Paris fashion week. “Moon Water” will let the owner and pet to feel individual and irresistible style. This fragrance is particularly suitable for greyhounds. The first impact of “Moon Water” offers the refined combination of Cocomero, Ylang Ylang and Magnolia, which delicately leaves the plume in oriental and decisive shades of Turkish Rose, Geranium of Egypt and Jasmine. Finally, the background is striking with the combination of power of the White Moss, sea freshness and  light, gourmet touch of the Eliotrop Flower.

In addition to the Water Line, “Special One” offers three more exciting and intense fragrances which will satisfy the most fastidious and sensitive owners: “H5” is ideal for spicy smelling lovers and tough dogs; “J3” is recommended for dogs that are not just pets but trusted travel companions and close friends; finally, “Z7″ the exotic perfume which is advised for the elegant divas and vanity type dogs.


Perfume Line for Dogs from “Special One”.


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