“WamPum” cosmetics has arrived.

New shipment of “WamPum” products has arrived to the USA from South Africa for four-legged customers.  Our customer’s favorite products such as “Limited Edition Conditioner” and “Silk Spray Concentrate” had been backordered and now are ready to reach our furry champions.  All orders have been packed and shipped out already.  Popular and most used items “Fine Boric Acid Powder” and “Microfine Whitening Powder”  are back in stock.  Uniquely formulated “Whitening &Brightening Shampoo” and “Violet Rinse Concentrate” have arrived to the USA to make white coats of snowy coated pets even whiter and add pearly shine to every white coated breed.  Variety of coat oils and protein treatment are available for healthy hair.

These products have been established as a competitive and top-quality pet care with other companies and designed in the well known Maltese kennel “WamPum”. This line has been developed incrementally over a period of 15 years by Heidi Rolfes. All “WamPum” products are non-allergic, 100 % fragrance free.  “WamPum” cosmetic contains the only natural, human grade ingredients such as coconut oil, high-molecular protein, and silk protein. There is NO mineral oil and all products cruelty free. All shampoos and conditioners for pet’s hair care are the highest quality and created with the latest available, cutting-edge formula, in the world. The composition of cosmetics contains only the top quality, high-priced and safe components.

WamPum Premium Products.

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