WamPum Silk Spray Concentrate.

WamPum Silk Spray Concentrate is a revolutionary tool for detangling of pet coat of any breed. It restores damaged hair and elasticity of coat. This product will double reduce the time of combing. Specifically designed for conditioning and texturing pet’s hair, immediately removes the static, improves structure, protects hair from tangling and excision moisturizing coat at the same time. The product emphasizes the brightness and shine of the colors, coat immediately becomes easily manageable and better repels dust and dirt, hair is kept fresh and presentable for longer. It prevents breakage and restores hair structure. The high molecular weight protein is included in WamPum Silk Spray Concentrate has ability to rapidly penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and into hair, makes coat soft, effectively nourished and moisturized. Silk Spray Concentrate protects coat from harmful environmental influences (UV-radiation). After applying of this products hair instantly becomes shine and soft, easy to be combed and not glued. Provides slip and sheen, reduces drag on coat, protects split ends, and stops matting.

Natural ingredients allow to use this product on animals with sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions, as well as on puppies and kittens. This product is not toxic.

Undiluted Silk Spray Concentrate can be used for wrapping on long-coated breeds.



WamPum Silk Spray Concentrate.

2 thoughts on “WamPum Silk Spray Concentrate.

  1. Jessica says:

    Hello, I am looking for solution for tangle prevention for my Pom. I am wondering if this spray would work on double coated breeds? Also, what is dilution ration for this product?

    Thank you,

    • The Show Pet Corner. says:

      WamPum products have been created for single coated dog breeds primarily. We would not recommend to use this spray for knots prevention on double coated breeds, however it is possible to use this product as final rinse after bath for any breed with dilution ratio 1:10. it will make coat slick and easy manageable for combing.

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