New!!! Special One Tech-In-Color Coat Dye.

Tech In Color is line of natural dyes for pet’s coat. It is a specific professional product to give new vitality to pet’s coat. This product adds reflections of enchantment to the natural color and shine. The pigments and the light-reflecting substances which contained in the product improve natural color of hair through the formation bonds with the keratin structures of pet’s coat and prolong the effect of the product over the time. Tech In Color is used to restore the natural color of pet’s hair which has been lost by reasons of aging, with the appearance of gray hair, fade in the sun, lack of color intensity, and also other disadvantages of the natural color of coat. Benefits of applying of Tech In Color will help significantly improve color and saturation of pet’s coat, make it healthy and radiant. This product does not change the texture of hair, does not dry coat and absolutely cruelty free. Tech In Color can be successfully integrated with pre-wash treatment as well as with a shampoo. These products are designed to care and moisturize pet’s skin and hair. The product is not aggressive to skin, hypoallergic and non-toxic when swallowed. “Special One” Tech In Color is innovative technology and has been created of 100% of natural color pigments, as well as based on natural vegetable ingredients. The formula of Tech In Color provides smoothness and shine of hair due to inclusion of 100% of natural oils which maintain elasticity, shine and vitality of coat, as well as maintain the pH- balance of natural moisture. Tech in Color has an ability resist to weathering and keeps pet’s coat in saturated color through regular brushing and bathing  until the next treatment. The color of Tech In Color fastness is maintained through 4 to 6 regular bathes with conventional shampoos.

Tech In Color can be removed completely by successive washes (4-6 depending on the color to complete removal).

“Special One” Premium Pet Products.

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