“Special One” has arrived.

New shipment of “Special One” has arrived to the USA for four-legged customers.  Some new “Special One” products to make coats of furry clients healthy, which means beautiful, are included in this delivery. Some favorite products such as “Mix Pink” conditioning spray and “Hydrating Cream 1000 ml.” have been back-ordered and sold out, already. However, new order of “Special One” cosmetics has been placed with our Italian partner and will be arriving to the USA within next 3-4 weeks (depends on strict US Customs Border). There will be more new products and grooming tools specifically designed for show dogs.

“Special One” has created the hydration program to restore  natural balance of pet’s skin and acts against its main anomalies: dry or oily skin, dandruff, and dermatitis, yeast infection, itchiness, allergy….etc

“Special One” products have been developed in a trichological laboratory and tested by technicians, at the grooming center of “Special One” in Italy before have been presented to customers.

The synergy of seaweed extracts and plant extracts represents an important synthesis of years of study, tests and has been used to confirm the efficiency of every substance contained in formulations of “Special One”.



“Special One” Premium Pet Products.


2 thoughts on ““Special One” has arrived.

  1. Josette DELARGE says:

    Thinning Line Knot Knot when and how I can order that product?. I just watched your video on internet. I’m very interessed by it. Please let me know when you have it

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