WamPum Self Rinse Shampoo.

WamPum Self Rinse is waterless, gentle washing shampoo without rinsing specifically designed for dry-cleaning of pet’s coat including damaged. Self Rinse does not irritate animal’s skin, well cleanses, nurtures and moisturizes skin and coat, ads shine. This product is ideal for cleaning of contaminated areas and for preparation coat for the exhibition, when there is no opportunity to wash a dog. Self Rinse is enriched with active ingredients formula of which helps to improve the appearance of coat. It does not contain harmful chemicals for hair and skin of the animal. This waterless shampoo works excellent to remove heavy dirt of the problematic areas (paws, tears stains, saliva stains,). Works perfectly to get rid of traces of urine. The best effect is obtained on white and light coated breeds of dogs and cats. Self Rinse is premium shampoo created without any parabens, sulfates, contains natural essential oils and plant extracts. It will cope with the heaviest contamination of coats, leaves a pleasant sense of freshness, and provides easy combing on long coated breeds. This product is ideal solution before the exhibition; coat after cleaning with Self Rinse, a pet’s hair looks well-groomed, healthy and shiny. WamPum Self Rinse Shampoo contains nourishing and moisturizing natural elements, natural blue pigment will clean the yellow stains.


WamPum Premium Products.


2 thoughts on “WamPum Self Rinse Shampoo.

  1. D.S. says:

    Would this shampoo make hair sticky? I am just trying to make a choice between WamPum and Special One waterless shampoos. Which one you would recommend? I have Gold Retriever.
    Thank you for help


    • The Show Pet Corner. says:

      This shampoo is not sticky or greasy. It does not leave dirty sensation neither on hands nor on coat. Both brands are considered as premium products and both brands use top quality ingredients in their products. WamPum Self Rinse shampoo is bigger capacity than Special One.

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