Innovative benefits of “Special One” products from Italy for healthy pet’s grooming.

“Special One” is advanced and top-quality cosmetics pets made in Italy.

“Special One” products focuse on a hydration program which restores the natural balance of the animal’s skin and acts against its anomalies: dry or oily skin, dandruff, and dermatitis and skin allergies. Active ingredients are the seaweed extracts and plant extracts, full specter of omega oils, minerals and vitamins. All ingredients are natural and organic. All their products are carry not just aesthetics properties also have treatment and preventive features. Shampoo Bain Pro, for instance, creates correct ph and acid balance of pet’s skin and coat and skin that parasites (fleas, ticks, ear mites…) are not able to exist in such environments and, eventually, there will not be needs to use chemicals (frontline, revolution…)  for parasites prevention. Skin Care Pro shampoo fights with any skin abnormalities and disorders (yeast infection, rash, skin allergies, dry skin and coat, dandruff, itchy and irritated skin….). Hydro Fluid participates for healing skin wounds and for fast growth healthy cells….etc.

Each “Special One” product is unique with its own features and benefits for healthy pet’s grooming.



Special One.


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