“WamPum” Whitening Violet Rinse Concentrate. Introduction.

Whitening Violet Rinse Concentrate is gentle tonic for hair. This product counteracts yellowing on white coats and improves natural colors of any color coats, specifically, of silver, grey and black. It softly neutralizes undesirable stains on any coat, does not dry hair and does not have harmful effects on skin. The unique formula of Whitening Violet Rinse Concentrate makes all types of pet’s coat more saturated and vivid colors. This product especially recommended for white, cream, silver and black colors. It contains only natural ingredients, does not contain oxidants, alcohol, oil or silicone products. The Rinse Concentrate fights static electricity of hair and fuzziness, does not contain harmful substances, preservatives and artificial colors. Completely natural. Gently resists stains and yellowed areas coat without weakening or breaking the structure of even damaged hair. Suitable for cats and dogs. Made of high-tech, stain resistance ferment agents and conditioners, moisturizes hair and makes it brighter. Works very well on any type of pet’s coats.



“WamPum” Whitening Violet Rinse Concentrate. 

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