“Special One” program for Short Coated and Hairless Breeds.

Bio Energy Plus Pre-Wash Treatment.

Bio Energy Plus is an innovative pre-bath mask, highly concentrated, particularly indicated to revitalize, nourish and soften any type of coat. Intense and instantaneous treatment can be used either as a beauty mask as that for sanitizing the skin. Its action brings the maximum hydration and restructuring the hair and skin, improves textures and revives the natural color of the coat. Ideal to prepare the haircuts, to untangle and bio-integrate cloaks spoiled or damaged by environmental phenomena or harsh chemical treatments.

Bio Energy Plus formula is enriched by sea bio-derived. These organisms contain proteins and trace elements (including iodine, mucopolysaccharides, vitamins and carotenoids) with a marked softening activity, antioxidant, protective and anti-allergic. The positive result is applied after the first application. This product improves in the hair vitality and greater elasticity of the skin.

Hydro Fluid Supplement.

Hydro Fluid Supplement is a professional adhesive with high moisturizing and conditioning to the hair. IDesigned to nourish and supplement the hair of all dog breeds, it prevents the formation of knots and protects the skin from the aggression and dirt. It increases the structure of the hair, the shine and vigor in growth. It gives balance to all surfaces that require protection casing, instant visible results after the first treatment and improving the condition of the hair which appears vital and very elastic. Hydro Fluid Supplement is rich in conditioning oils ideal for moisturizing and maintaining the hair and skin of the dog.  Its structure allows a better absorption of the active ingredients contained in the products subsequently used.

Enhanced with bio sea derivatives, Hydro Fluid Supplement also using active ingredients such as rice bran oil (a powerful emollient, antioxidant and absorbing UV rays), Rosehip seed oil (revitalizes and protects the skin of the animal) and polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 (vitamins and anti-aging for the hair).

Skincare Pro Shampoo.

Skincare Pro Shampoo is a treatment for delicate skin to oily composition.  With surfactants of vegetable origin carries out a sanitizing against major abnormalities of the skin of animals.  Skincare Pro Shampoo acts on the irritation of the skin, calming itching already after the first treatment.  Recommended for sensitive skin to wash soaps, frequent baths, for older dogs or puppies, for oily skin that emanates bad smell, for skin and hair dry and dehydrated, and to resolve dandruff problems.  Its formula helps to restore the balance of the dermis and the mantle restoring the natural production of sebum.  It does not alter the textures and, if used regularly, creates a natural barrier that protects the animal from pest attacks.

Skincare Pro Shampoo contains sea bio-derivatives and natural active ingredients (propolis, hydroxyl fruit and yeast extract).  Propolis has many therapeutic purposes, bacteriostatic, bactericidal and has a strong antimicrobial power; this natural antiseptic allows preventing the abnormal development of the bacterial flora which frequently accompanies the onset of skin abnormalities.  Hydroxyl fruit increased cellular activity, favor the detachment of dead cells and reminiscing new ones.  The yeast extracts possess excellent properties conditioning and toning, and improve the integrity of the epidermal skin was.  The versatile composition of natural origin Skincare Pro Shampoo makes nourished coat, shiny and easy to comb.

Beauty Rinse Rinse- Off Conditioner.

Beauty Rinse is an innovative treatment to complete a professional grooming; its final action allows us to quickly and permanently close the scales of the hair thanks to the PH acidity supported by the various active ingredients in its composition. Its formula is enriched with distilled water and plant extracts which improve the aesthetic appearance of the coat shine and giving more natural color to the mantle. Beauty Rinse is a balancing lotion that promotes hydration products in the hair and protects the surface during drying due to its acidifying effect. Recommended for all dog breeds and especially for show dogs.

Beauty Rinse contains lanolin water-soluble for a detangling and softening action, Distilled water of Helichrysum and yarrow to soothe and calm skin irritations. Apple extract and vinegar to hydrate and adjust the pH of the epidermis.

4 Elements Oil.

4 Elements Oil is a mixture of oils, specifically designed for reinforcing and rebuilding the mantle. Effective for the hair enervated, damaged and stressed out, its restructuring and revitalizing action is immediate. It gives the coat an extraordinary brightness and a velvety touch. It also acts as untie knots facilitating felts opening before cleansing treatment and guarantees a result of brilliance, strength and elasticity to damaged parts of the hair. It also protects from heat.

The composition of 4 Elements Oil is enriched with argon oil and a cocktail of plant oils can nourish, revitalize and moisturize the hair.

Biolux Finishing Spray.

Biolux is a spray conditioner designed to give shine and nourishment to the coats. Ideal for polishing as a finishing touch, it acts on the keratin of textures making plant substances that enhance the natural colors of the cloaks. It supports the hair structure with softness and energy at the same time. It recommended to keep the hair during the week and to protect it from the harmful environmental effects,  pleasantly scented, it does not contain harmful chemicals for the health of the dog.

Biolux has been enhanced with a special combination of active ingredients that provide faster to coat everything it needs to make it shiny and renovated. Also it contains jojoba oil to regenerate and moisturize the hair.


“Special One” Premium Pet Products.

2 thoughts on ““Special One” program for Short Coated and Hairless Breeds.

  1. biana says:

    I am very interested in “Special One” products; however I still have leftover from previous cosmetic I used. Can I replace old products, which are gone, with “Special One” products, and use leftover together, then gradually, switch all cosmetic to “Special One”? Is it required to use “Special One” only?
    Thank you,
    Bianca Murray

    • The Show Pet Corner. says:

      Yes, it is applicable to combine “Special One” with different brand. However, you may not have a result you expect, but some improvements will accrue. Later you will be able to catch up 100% of positive result when all products are “Special One”.

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