“WamPum” Coat Oils.

Ultra Light Coat Oil

Ultra Light Oil spray for long coated breeds. This product stimulates fast hair growth and keeps coat in healthy condition between shows. Improves skin and hair, ideal for wrapping! Through long-term hydration and nutrition enhances growth of new and healthy skin cells, prevents hair breakage. It does not alter the coat color, ideal for white dogs. It will prevent matting and make long coats very easy manageable. Wampum coat oil does NOT contain mineral oil.


Coat oil # II

Coat Oil # II is unique in its properties; it complements the series of WamPum Oils. Coat Oil # II  has thicker structure than Ultra Light Oil which allows to benefit for dog’s skin and coat longer. Coat Oil # II does not have high spreading factor, but it is particularly gentle on the skin and is meant for dogs with very sensitive skin.  It restores and strengthens even badly damaged hair, making them easy managed, when long-term care returns the natural look, shine, elasticity and softness. Improves thin brittle hair, split ends, prevents hair loss, and straightens hair. It nourishes and moisturizes the dog’s skin, stimulates the circulation of the active substances in the skin and creates ideal conditions for the rapid growth of healthy hair. It is suitable for wrapping for long coated breeds and restores moisture balance of dry skin on hairless breeds. Wampum coat oils do NOT contain mineral oil.



“WamPum” Coat Oils.

2 thoughts on ““WamPum” Coat Oils.

  1. Shih-Tzu kennel says:

    I have a question: can I use one of these oils on Shih-Tzu? For wrapping and just mix it with conditioner?
    Thank you,
    Shih-Tzu kennel.

    • The Show Pet Corner. says:

      Absolutely, WamPum oils are designed for long coat breeds. This products are perfect for wrapping as pure product, as well as integrated with shampoo or conditioner.

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