“Special One” Model Cream + Soft Grooming Powder Styling.

Model Cream .

Model Cream is a professional cream for modeling action, ideal to support textures or burdening the mantle as the case. It significantly stands out the aesthetic beauty of the cloaks and prepares the hair of many races to be settled for the show. Model Cream is enriched with keratin to nourish and regenerate the structure of coat. It works instantly giving shine and elasticity. The action of the product is greatly emphasizes on clean coats to be conditioned for the ring, perfectly prepares the hair protecting it from being subsequently worked with colored chalks or bleaching powder. Model Cream contains some moisturizing ingredients necessary to support with energy and vitality of the mantle. It ‘a quick conditioner that removes stains from hair easily without greasing. It perfectly it protects the surface from sunlight and do not contain harmful chemicals to the animal’s skin.

Soft Grooming Powder .

 Soft Grooming Powder is a whitening occupational dust that adds softness and support to hair of the show dogs.  Adheres to the coat evenly and easily giving volume is compact to the coat.  Also ideal for covering stains on the hair.  Soft Grooming Powder is formulated with selected powders that blend perfectly with the coat structure without damaging natural hair protections. It is recommended for complete show look for dogs. Soft Grooming Powder has very fine structure thank to which the powder is invisible and intangible.



“Special One” Model Cream/Soft Grooming Powder.

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