“Special One” Program for Double Coated Breeds.

Bio Energy Plus.

Bio Energy Plus is an innovative and highly concentrated mask to be used before wash. Particularly, Bio Energy Plus is recommended for restoration, recovery and regeneration of any type of skin and coat. This product contains the intense and immediate effect of a beauty mask. As well it is also for hygienic treatment of skin and pet’s coat. Bio Energy Plus ideal to prepare skin and coat of pet for bio integration of hair growth, and for skin and coat protection from environmental influences or aggressive chemical treatment.

Keratin Pro Shampoo.

Keratin Pro is a professional and innovative shampoo, specifically developed to improve the structure and texture of hair. It cleans with a soft cream of natural origin, supports and strengthens the coat and contributes to the formation of own natural skin layer. It impacts to the coat with keratin and stimulates skin and hair to produce own keratin to improve the texture and structure of coat, because of its consistency. Keratin Pro reduces split ends, makes easy combing of double coated breeds, and creates natural volume of hair, where it is necessary.


Platinum Pro Shampoo.

Platinum Pro is an innovative and professional shampoo with a high moisture and regenerating tower factor. It has gentle cleansing properties, gives to the coat: the structure and soothes to irritated skin at the same time. The Platinum Pro formula strengthens and protects keratin’s structure of the hair and deals with important nutrients which skin and coat need. It improves the radiance and elasticity as of newly growing hair and of whole coat. Platinum Pro is recommended for all types of skin and coats which need frequent washing and specifically for the preparation of show dogs.

Super Keeper Supplement.

Super Keeper is a special blend of oils and high-quality components, for optimal care of the dog hairs, especially long hair. The special oleaginous composition wraps gently the hair, moisturizes and protects against harmful environmental influences and mechanical damage, repairs damaged hair and increases shine and elasticity after the first application. Super Keeper is formulated and recommended specifically for breeds with keratin- deficiency.  Its unique formula untangled filthy posts and prevents growth of new, as well as it is recommended for pets with poor growth of hair since it does stimulate regeneration of new skin cells.

Hydrating Cream.

Hydrating Cream is an instant cosmetic treatment. Its action stands out considerably the aesthetic beauty of textures and is ideal to nourish, restructure and give support to the mantle. Guarantees the result of brittle surfaces, stressed and fragile, also gives a natural shine to color and vitality to the hair. Regular use of the product prevents the formation of knots and repairs damage caused by chemical and environmental agents. After each treatment the hair will appear with volume, silky, easy to comb and manage. The composition of the product simplifies the maintenance of the exposure from mantles that have to be regularly treated for a perfect conditioning. Hydrating Cream also facilitates the drying of the surface, also it makes elastic textures more difficult to model, facilitates the fluidity of brushed and protects the hair from the sun’s rays by eliminating the phenomenon of split ends. Recommended for all dog breeds.

Extra Body Cream.

Extra Body Cream is an instant balm, a concentrate volume, ideal for restructure of the dog’s coat and cat fibers. Through special latest generation polymers, amino acids, jojoba oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and Argon oil, Extra Body Cream is fixed on the surface of the hair, increasing the thickness without adding weight, hydrates the mantle, giving immediate elasticity, shine, vitality and consistency. Keratin and collagen also give structure to the thin membranes and disembodied while the fruits of the vine extracts give the skin a detoxifying and refreshing effect. Thanks to vitamin E, Extra Body Cream acts as an antioxidant and fights cellular aging.

Style 360 Finishing Spray.

Style 360 is an anti-static spray lotion designed to build, shape and finish with natural light effect all types of weaving. Designed specifically to get more results with one product and to preserve the most lucid and compact the dog’s coat. Excellent both in dry and for the finishing touch, gives sturdiness and support to the hair especially when this “flutters” or is fine in texture.Fantastic as pre-show to give volume, stabilize textures or fix scissor cuts.



Special One. 




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