For our “Special One” customers. Information.

To all our “Special One” customers and future customers. We have been receiving a significant amount of requests about “Special One” cosmetics.  Most of you would like to buy samples, it is understandable.  The manufacturer in the Italy does not produce samples; we have 1000 ml. of “Special One” products as of today.

However, by Christmas they will begin to manufacture small size of bottles (250 ml.) we plan to bring it on the USA market not later then January of 2017. We will have to place the order by December of 2016, therefore, please let us know if any of you would like to be put on waiting list for “Special One” products, just PM on FB page at:  Facebook – The Show Pet Corner  or email to us at: with your name and the state location. Also, you can leave comments under this post in “Our Blog” section at:  with your name and state location.  We will contact you with the detailed information and recommendations of “Special One” usage according to your dog’s or cat’s breed. You can find information under “Recommended for Your Breed” section at: as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions we are glad to help you.

We apologize for inconvenience.

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