“WamPum” Microfine Whitening Powder vs. Fine Boric Acid Powder.

Microfine whitening powder

 Microfine Whitening Powder is multi-functioning, whitening and masking product. It is great to cover undisarable spots on pet’s coat including under eye are and tear stains. Microfine Whitening Powder gently envelops each hair, masks and whitens unwanted defects on coat. This product has an exceptional lightness because of very fine structure. The powder is not felt to the touch and is not visible to eyes. Microfine Whitening Powder has a double action. The first is excellent masking material for dogs with white and light-colored hair. Second – powder has a bleaching effect. Powder is recommended to apply on absolutely dry hair with a dry makeup brush, then combed excess powder out using a fine comb. This powder does not cause static on pet’s coats. The micro particles in this powder penetrate into the pores of the skin and hair for optimum adhesion.

Fine Boric Acid Powder.

Fine Boric Acid is used to control, prevent and get rid of tear stains. This powder has anti-microbial properties, as well as mild bleaching properties (as do many of weak organic acids) and keeps under eye area dry. The main contribution to the prevention of tear stain is ability to stabilize porphyries present is the tears, saliva and urine. It is recommended to use Fine Boric Acid Powder on daily basis to GET RID of tear stain (NOT tearing). This product has three important features:

  1. It whitens brown tear stains, makes them lighter and erases them eventually.
  2. Boric Acid kills bacteria which caused by constant wetness.
  3. Fine Boric Acid Powder absorbs under eyes moisture and keeps area dry.

This product is recommended to use every day, for severe tear stains twice a day (morning and evening).




“WamPum” Microfine Whitening Powder.

“WamPum” Fine Boric Acid Powder.

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