Essential “Special One” Pet’s Ears Care Kit.

“Special One” Aqua Oto Ear Cleaning Lotion.

The pet’s ears are very delicate and powerful structure, that precisely because of its exceptional ability, must be protected.  Excessive production of earwax and poor ventilation are typical ear problems for certain breeds of dogs and cats. These issues can cause obstructions and become to be the ideal ground for bacteria and yeasts as well as due to infection of the outer or inner ear canal (otitis).

Aqua Oto is a product specifically designed for deep ear cleaning, useful to prevent obstructions and otitis.  It is an innovative solution of polysorbates, non-ionic surfactants of vegetable extraction used widely in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food, which have a high solubilizing capacity thanks to which it gently dissolves ear wax other type impurities oily.

 Aqua Oto Solution provides calming and anti-inflammatory effect immediately after procedure. This product delivers the combination of allantoin, glycolic extract of chamomile and peppermint, ensures prevention of itching and redness, thanks to the extracts of yarrow, mallow and balm, and gives a pleasant action deodorant with extracts of citrus.

For effective cleaning, the product should be applied frequently. If hair excessively covers the auditory cavities, it is advisable to remove excess hair out of ear canal.

“Special One” Hair Strip Powder.

This product is formulated for removing and conditioning hair in ear canal.

The Hair Strip is a superfine powder, imperceptible to the touch, specifically created for the removal of dead hair in pet’s ear canal. This product allows to get rid of excessive hair with great ease and pain free, inside of ears of pets. The special formula allows you to use it in such difficult areas as inner ear canal, cheeks and the back (under tail area) of pet. Gently cleans and dries the ear canal as it removes excessive wax buildup.

This product is not oily or sticky. Usage of  Hair Strip Powder on regular basis, keeps pet’s ear dry, infection free, healthy and protected from external aggression.


“Special One” Ear Health Care.

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