Essential “Special One” kit to treat pet’s skin abnormalities.

  1. Bio Energy Plus is an innovative and highly concentrated mask to be used before wash. Particularly, Bio Energy Plus is recommended for restoration, recovery and regeneration of any type of skin and coat. This product contains the intense and immediate effect of a beauty and healthy mask. Also it is recommended for hygienic treatment of skin and pet’s coat. Bio Energy Plus ideal to prepare skin and coat of pet for bio integration of hair growth, and for skin and coat protection from environmental influences or aggressive chemical treatment.
  1. Hydro Fluid is a professional product with strong hydrating and regenerating properties for pet’s coat. This product has been developed to wrap around of every hair of pet’s coat to supply and to repair damaged hair. It helps pet’s coat and skin of all breeds to protect from damaging environmental impacts, knots and keep moisture inside of hair. Hydro Fluid improves the structure of the hair, brightness and gives strength for a healthy growth. It helps to repair damaged hair and skin structures. Hydro Fluid is ideal for the regulation of moisture and health of the skin and hair. Its structure helps to keep and add needed nutrients inside of dog’s hair.
  1. Skin Care Pro contains sea bioactive substances; this product is hygienic shampoo to make skin and hair of pets healthy. Skin Care Pro is an oil-cleaning shampoo, which through impurities natural gentle cleans skin and coat. Active ingredients of vegetable origin make this hygienic shampoo to fight against all skin anomalies and harmful influence. Skin Care Pro soothes inflamed skin and reduces feeling of itching after the first application.


Special One.


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