“Special One” for Long – Coated Breeds.

Bio Energy (pre-wash-treatment).

Bio Energy is an innovative pre-bath mask, highly concentrated, particularly indicated to revitalize, nourish and soften any type of coat. Intense and instantaneous treatment can be used either as a beauty mask as that for sanitizing the skin. Its action brings the maximum hydration and restructuring the hair and skin, improves textures and revives the natural color of the coat.Ideal to prepare the haircuts, to untangle and bio-integrate cloaks spoiled or damaged by environmental phenomena or harsh chemical treatments.

Hydrating Cream (supplement).

Hydrating Cream is an instant cosmetic treatment. Its action stands out considerably the aesthetic beauty of textures and is ideal to nourish, restructure and give support to the mantle.Regular use of the product prevents the formation of knots and repairs damage caused by chemical and environmental agents.  After each treatment the hair will appear with volume, silky, easy to comb and manage. The composition of the product simplifies the maintenance of the exposure from mantles that have to be regularly treated for a perfect conditioning.Hydrating Cream also facilitates the drying of the surface, also it makes elastic textures more difficult to model, facilitates the fluidity of brushed and protects the hair from the sun’s rays by eliminating the phenomenon of split ends. Recommended for all dog breeds.

4 Elements Oil (supplement).

4 Elements Oil is a mixture of oils, specifically designed for reinforcing and rebuilding the mantle. Effective for the hair enervated, damaged and stressed out, its restructuring and revitalizing action is immediate. It gives the coat an extraordinary brightness and a velvety touch. It also acts as untie knots facilitating felts opening before cleansing treatment and guarantees a result of brilliance, strength and elasticity to damaged parts of the hair. It also protects from heat.

Hydro Fluid (supplement).

Hydro fluid is a professional adhesive with high moisturizing and conditioning to the hair. Designed to nourish and supplement the hair of all dog breeds, it prevents the formation of knots and protects the skin from the aggression and dirt. It increases the structure of the hair, the shine and vigor in growth. It gives balance to all surfaces that require protection casing, instant visible results after the first treatment and improving the condition of the hair which appears vital and very elastic. Hydro Fluid is rich in conditioning oils ideal for moisturizing and maintaining the hair and skin of the dog.  Its structure allows a better absorption of the active ingredients contained in the products subsequently used.

Bain Pro (shampoo).

Bain Pro is a professional shampoo with very high concentration, ideal to gently cleanse all types of coat for dogs and cats. Its multi-purpose composition cleans and sanitizes thoroughly very neglected coats. Optimal for long weaves, it sets a perfect balance on all types of surface increasing the natural defenses in the keratin structure protection.The Bain Pro formula is enriched with a mixture of surfactants of natural origin and moisturizing substances able to return to the hair shine and elasticity since the early treatments. Regular use of the product facilitates brushing, gives softness and increases the brightness of natural colors of the cloaks. Recommended for all dog breeds that need frequent baths with specific hair conditioning.

Mix Pink (leave-on conditioner).

Mix Pink is a professional conditioner that presents with a two-phase structure; the first phase is oily while the second is water.  Its composition is innovative, thanks to the double action acts on the mantle as a powerful restructuring and moisturizing. Pink Mix has been specially designed as an air conditioner for long coats and facilitates combing and brushing hair. Ideal to open the knots, leaving the mantle affected giving shine to natural colors. Recommended for all dog breeds.



Special One.

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