“WamPum” Leave-In Protein Treatment. Introduction.

Leave-In Protein Treatment.

The Protein Treatment for dogs and cats is a concentrated leave-in treatment, instantly restores softness and shine to all types of coats. Action of silk proteins restores the hair structure. Pro-vitamin B5 gives the coat a healthy radiant appearance. Leave-in Protein Treatment protects any type of coats and keeps strong much longer than regular conditioners. This product is the best among all intensively caring agents. Treats and restores damaged or injured hair, including after sunburns, removes the static effect of dry coats, helps repel dirt and enhances the natural texture of the coat. It contains a special collagen to restore split ends of hair.

The protein in this treatment is the best and most expensive functionalized protein available for hair care.  The protein is a relatively small molecule and can penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen it.

Its unique formula with phytochemicals has conditioning, toning and firming properties, stimulates the growth of hair, effectively improves dull, dry and damaged hair, softens and moisturizes the skin and coat, promotes easy combing, enhances the natural color of the coat.


“WamPum” Leave-In Protein Treatment.

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