“WamPum” Conditioners. Introduction.

Limited Edition Conditioner.

Limited Edition Conditioner is an extremely nourishing, contains a high molar mass of protein to restructure the outer surface of the hair shaft. It is designed for the care of damaged, prone to the formation of tangles, fur of dogs and cats. Provides optimal untangling mats, facilitates combing hair, and imparts a healthy glow. Limited Edition Conditioner moisturizes and facilitates combing hair, gives the hair a unique luster and brightness. It has the complex of 14 amino acids, silk, wheat proteins, F vitamins E, D-panthenol.   Natural silk amino acids help to retain moisture, have conditioning properties, and give the hair flexibility and softness.   Wheat protein penetrates the hair shaft, increases the moisture content of the hair and plasticity; creates a protective film on the hair, gives the strengthen to the hair cuticle.   Vitamin E – an antioxidant has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates the renovation processes, regeneration of the skin, and soothes irritated skin.  Vitamin F – a mixture of unsaturated fatty acids which enhances the regenerative capacity of the epidermis.

Conditioning Rinse Concentrate.

Conditioning Rinse Concentrate is a super antistatic conditioner.  It makes the hair, soft and glossy.  Contains protein, humectants and pro-vitamin B5.  Surface-active complex and innovative polymers are contained in this conditioner increase elasticity, reduce friction between the hairs. They penetrate into the hair from roots to the tips; prevent the formation of static electricity of the coat.  Conditioning Rinse Concentrate has a power to heal and support strength of hair and skin. Specification of this product is that it does not weigh down the hair and it is suitable for very fine coat and for double coated dog and cat breeds. Conditioning Rinse Concentrate is an ideal as leave-in conditioner for show days and between shows.

Magic Rinse (for cats).

Magic Rinse is a non-oily conditioning rinse provides a dry powdery slip feeling on the coat.  It will remove all static and give even the dullest coat a natural shimmer. The rinse contains panthenol and protein to feed the hair between baths. Magic Rinse facilitates grooming as wet as a dry coat without weighing it. This product is idea for fluffy hair, needed to get smooth out and make more obedient. It’s the latest generation of polymers formula has a great positive effect for problems associated with very dry and difficulties of combing hair. Regenerating and rejuvenating properties make Magic Rinse ideal for thin, dry and damaged coats. It restores the hair structure from the roots to the tips. Its enveloping formula prevents the formation of static electricity on the hair, leaves it soft and shiny.


“WamPum” Conditioners.

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