“WamPum”Shampoo. Introduction.

Conditioning Shampoo Concentrate.

 An extremely mild and gentle, high-foaming, nourishing shampoo containing a skin refatting agent and 100% coconut oil based. Hypoallergenic, antistatic and biodegradable. Conditioning Shampoo Concentrate regenerates the skin and stimulates healthy cells to produce enzymes which enhance hair growth and strength. Hair becomes alive, gain natural shine and softness. The coconut oil prevents split ends. This product gently cleanses and restores moisture balance and protects the hair from environmental factors. The shampoo is suitable for everyday use. Ideal for long coated breeds and very sensitive skins.

Harsh Coat Shampoo Concentrate.

Shampoo contains complex of amino acids, soy proteins, wheat proteins, protein, and keratin. Soy proteins give hair strength and energy, restore, strengthen and protect, glossed harsh coat. Proteins and wheat proteins repair damaged hair reduce brittleness of hair increase resistance to mechanical damage. This product is great protection against stress (combing, drying, etc.) it creates a protective film on the hair surface, soothes irritated skin and has anti-inflammatory effect. A harsh coat shampoo does not dry the skin or hair. Keratin restores the structure of thin and weakened hair, making them visually thicker helps to improve and strengthen its structure both inside and out by filling of each hair. Harsh Coat Shampoo is for wire-haired dog breeds is suitable for everyday care. A unique shampoo’s formula is specially designed to emphasize the texture and structure. Harsh Coat Shampoo will not dry the skin or hair. It contains protein to strengthen and harden the hair shaft dog’s fur.

 Whitening & Brightening Shampoo.

The first non-stripping whitening shampoo. This shampoo works equally well on colors and specifically designed for white and black coats. The violet brightener counteracts yellowing on the white parts and the optical brightener brightens all colors, enhancing the contrast between different colors in the coat. Five, carefully blended surfactants clean away all debris. Whitening and Brightening Shampoo leaves pet’s coat shiny and keeps all skin natural oils inside. The shampoo contains a special pore cleansing agent which, according to the published scientific literature, will aid in the prevention and treatment of hot spots.

Pump-It-Up (volumizing) Shampoo.

A super volumizing shampoo especially meant for Poodles, Spitz breeds and all other double coated breeds.  A medium mild shampoo with a low viscosity to easily penetrate into the skin of double coated breeds.  The shampoo contains 4 different volumizing agents, a natural polymeric derivative, a synthetic cationic polymer, a natural cationic polymer and a cationic protein molecule. This product contains optical pigments for revitalizing the color of coat. It gives brightness and volume to a pet’s coat. Pump It Up shampoo affects a coat from within and strengthens each hair. A coat acquires a healthy look and become sturdier to the touch. It includes natural cleaning agents, prevents deterioration and loss of hair. Unique formula stimulates and accelerates skin flakes metabolism, thereby allows to achieve a healthy skin. Cleans and conditions the hair and skin, revitalizes damaged hair. This product reduces permanent seasonal molting. It is perfect to use for the show preparation as well as between shows.

Cat Degreaser.

Cat Degreaser is a shampoo for very oily and dirty cat’s coats. This product is specifically designed for deep hair cleaning. It is suitable for animals with a very delicate and sensitive skin, as well. Its unique composition allows to the shampoo easily and quickly removes dirt from the coat and skin, particularly, very effective for removal of oil funds deposited on the hair before. Non-toxic, safe for kittens, does not dry hair and skin. This product contains the strongest anionic cosmetic surfactant approved for human use.  It will solubilise all oils as soon as it comes into contact with this product.

Self Rinse Shampoo.

The Self Rinse shampoo is very convenient alternative to regular bathing. It gives any type of coat clean and fresh silkiness and softness without making it greasy. This product does not accumulate in a pet’s coat or skin. It contains no alcohol and does not dry the skin. Its formula soothes and conditions the hair and skin and leaves the coat a pleasant scent makes coat bright and white. Cleans, deodorizes and conditions.  Contains brighteners and whiteners. It is perfect for older, injured animals, kittens and cats, which are difficult to bath.

“WamPum” Shampoos.

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