“WamPum”. Introduction.

The products have been established as a competitive and top-quality pet care with other companies and designed in the famous Maltese kennel WAMPUM®.
WAMPUM® grooming products came to the USA from South Africa. This line has been developed incrementally over a period of 15 years by Heidi Rolfes.

Cosmetics WAMPUM® is ideal for long and dropping coats of dog breeds for the conservation and stimulation of fast hair growing, for easy styling and coat maintenance. The brand has been established, primarily, to make dogs look better not just in the show ring; also to minimize the grooming work on daily basis. All products contain oil and conditioners and which give a slippery effect longer, then just right after the bath; at the same time they keep skin and coat healthy and easily managed.  Shampoos do to make the skin neither flaky nor itchy.  WAMPUM® grooming products are specifically formulated to be fragrance free and mild to the skin and coat. This cosmetic is safe for dogs and cats with allergies and can be used not just on the show pets.

In addition to products for dog’s breeds with the long flowing coats, the WAMPUM® designed special lines for volume and texture.

All shampoos and conditioners for pet’s hair care are the highest quality and created  with latest available, cutting-edge formula, in the world. The composition of cosmetics contains only the top quality, high-priced and safe components.
WamPum cosmetics.

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