“Special One” Supplements for Skin and Coat.

Hydro Fluid is a professional product with strong hydrating and regenerating properties for pet’s coat. This product has been developed to wrap around of every hair of pet’s coat to supply and to repair damaged hair. It helps pet’s coat and skin of all breeds to protect from damaging environmental impacts, knots and keep moisture inside of hair. Hydro Fluid improves the structure of the hair, brightness and gives strength for a healthy growth. It helps to repair damaged hair structures. Hydro Fluid is ideal for the regulation of moisture and health of the skin and hair. Its structure helps to keep and add needed nutrients inside of dog’s hair.

Beauty Rinse is a complementary lotion-conditioner for the professional care. Its acid ph allows a quick and complete closing the hair surface. Its special recipe enriched with plant extracts and distilled water, improves appearance of the hair, brings more glory, and the natural color of the coat. The Beauty Rinse normalizes the ph balance of the skin and coat, removes all dirt, moisturizes and locks the nutrients inside of hair and keeps them, also protects during drying with the hair dryer. Recommended for all breeds.

Super Keeper is a special blend of oils and high-quality components, for optimal care of the dog hairs, especially long hair. The special oleaginous composition wraps gently the hair, moisturizes and protects against harmful environmental influences and mechanical damage, repairs damaged hair and increases shine and elasticity after the first application. Super Keeper is formulated and recommended specifically for breeds with keratin- deficiency.  Its unique formula untangled filthy posts and prevents growth of new, as well as it is recommended for pets with poor growth of hair since it does stimulate regeneration of new skin cells.

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