“Special One” Shampoo Introduction.

Bain Pro (first on the left) is a professional shampoo of a very high concentration, which is ideal for the gentle cleaning of long types of dog’s coats. Its multi ingredients composition deeply cleans and has a profound hygienic effect on very dirty hair and ensures optimum beauty and conditioning of the texture of long types of hair. This shampoo is recommended for all breeds of dogs, specifically for dogs with a long-dropping coats and coats which need frequent washing and special conditioning to improve hair growth.

Aqua Rose  (second on the left) is a professional cleansing treatment gives to the coat a restructuring and nourishing effect. It acts conferring beauty and hydration to the hair, strengthening it to every application and making it stronger to environmental aggression. Aqua Rose gently cleanses because of a natural softening cream which is created out of organic detergent, its formulation facilitates the removal of tangles from coat surface and prevents their formation. Suitable for all dog breeds.

Keratin Pro (third on the left) is a professional and innovative shampoo, specifically developed to improve the structure and texture of hair. It cleans with a soft cream of natural origin, supports and strengthens the coat and contributes to the formation of own natural skin layer. It impacts to the coat with keratin and stimulates skin and hair to produce own keratin to improve the texture and structure of coat, because of its consistency. Keratin Pro reduces split ends, makes easy combing of double coated breeds, and creates natural volume of hair, where it is necessary.

Skin Care Pro  (in the middle) contains sea bioactive substances; this product is hygienic shampoo to make skin and hair of pets healthy. Skin Care Pro is an oil-cleaning shampoo, which through impurities natural gentle cleans skin and coat. Active ingredients of vegetable origin make this hygienic shampoo to fight against all skin anomalies and harmful influence. Skin Care Pro soothes inflamed skin and reduces feeling of itching after the first application

Blue Sky Pro (third on the right) is a community arts structure shampoo. The new polyvalent formula of Blue Sky Pro is excellent for all kinds of dogs coats. Because of its delicate creamy formulation, this shampoo gently cleans very dirty dogs hair, without damage of natural lipid coat layers. Blue Sky Pro strengthens the coat, gives structure and volume. Blue Sky Pro is a versatile shampoo that has been specially developed for the coat preparation for grooming and better care without the professional salon quality. Recommended for white coated pets to make coats whiter and eliminate yellow stains and for black coated pets to enhance natural black color of coat.

Platinum Pro (second on the right) is an innovative and professional shampoo with a high moisture and regenerating tower factor. It has gentle cleansing properties, gives to the coat: the structure and soothes to irritated skin at the same time. The Platinum Pro formula strengthens and protects keratin’s structure of the hair and deals with important nutrients which skin and coat need. It improves the radiance and elasticity as of newly growing hair and of whole coat. Platinum Pro is recommended for all types of skin and coats which need frequent washing and specifically for the preparation of show dogs.

Aqua Blue (first on the right) is professional, highly concentrated shampoo for dogs. Aqua Blue has been specifically  designed to care of white fur. Shampoo contains purple pigment which counteracts the yellowing hair among another things caused by sunlight, skin fat, urine or saliva. Regular use of shampoo helps maintain white hair color. Due to amount of sea water has a positive effect on the skin condition with an antimicrobial action. Can be used to frequent baths.


‘Special One’ Shampoos.

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